Software Developer

I was born in Japan in 1990. I have been working as a software developer since 2014. Now, I'm the CEO of Sunnyeee Inc.




Languages Node.js, TypeScript, Scala, Ruby, PHP, Java, html, css.

Frameworks Ruby on Rails, Laravel, S2Container, Wordpress, Express, React, React Native, Vue.

Services Aws (Lambda, Glue, Batch, DynamoDB, Athena, XRay...), Some PaaS.

Editor vim, vscode


Web applications: cloudfunding, e-commerce, map, cms...

Mobile applications: social network application

Backend: Ad data aggregation

Websites: blog, homepage for NPO

Chatbots: pubot, Chatterbot

Robotics: Pepper, Sota

Tools: kaibun


Bachelor of Mathematics in Japan, Tokyo University of Science.

Master of Mathematics in Japan, Tokyo Institute of Technology.